High Acceptance Payday Loans

Fresh Loan is high acceptance brokers.

What does that mean?

Fresh Loan is online, safe and easy to use. We’re high acceptance payday loan brokers, meaning we’re happy to consider your application even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. Even better, we’re all about convenience. Whether you’re browsing from your laptop or phone, you’ll find our website easy to use and quick to apply for a
loan with.
As payday loan brokers, Fresh Loan is committed to giving a helping hand to individuals who have bad credit.
We know you have a legitimate need for financial assistance and it’s our mission to provide that where possible.
A loan through us is
Fast to apply for and receive
Designed for individuals with bad credit
Possible without a guarantor
Able to be flexibly repaid
Decide quickly by us
Why might I need to take out a Fresh Loan?
As responsible adults, we all know just how many curveballs life can throw at us! Emergencies happen, and any person you or we ask could tell a story about getting caught out by bad luck.

Washing machine has broken down? You’d better believe it’s an emergency! Car needing repairs? Time to get back on the road so you can get to work and friends. Something leaking in the house? A quick call to a plumber now will save you money later.

Fresh Loan is your budget’s backup

Even the most carefully planned budget can be disrupted by an expensive incident. It doesn’t take much; a broken catalytic converter on your car can cost over £2,000 to replace!

A short term loan can be the difference between nipping a financial issue in the bud and it worsening.
We know that, even if you have bad credit, you are a responsible adult and deserve emergency help when you have a legitimate need.

Can I get my money transferred on the same day?
Fresh Loan uses a high-seed online-based service that’s designed specifically to make things quick and easy for you as a borrower. As we’re brokers, the speed of your transfer will depend on your lender. While this means we can’t guarantee same-day transfers, it does mean we’re set up to aim for that as much as we possibly can! We know that time is often of the essence where loans are concerned and it’s our mission to provide the finances you need quickly.
Our high acceptance rate explained
We know it can be intimidating to apply for financial assistance via a loan like ours – especially if you’ve been refused a loan elsewhere due to bad credit before. Our easy acceptance loans are designed around those who have bad credit, meaning we’re focused on you from the start.

For other loan providers, things can get in the way and lower your chances of being accepted. These usually are based around having bad credit or being unable to repay on time in the past.

This makes it tough to find a reliable lender when you have bad credit – until you meet us! There’s nothing to worry about here, just a reliable high acceptance payday loan lender with a quick turnaround for your application.

What can I expect from a loan with Fresh Loan?
We know you’re wondering; what makes Fresh Loan such a trusted provider of loans for those with bad credit? We feel there are quite a few reasons. Here are some of them!
  • We’ll always be honest and upfront with you about your loan application, status and potential repayments
  • We’re fast to respond to your loan application and any customer service related requests you may have after taking a loan out via our service
  • We have a fair and excellent approval rate that is designed around the needs of those who have bad credit
  • We give you all the support you need to make a quick, informed decision about your loan
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