Short Term Loans

What does that mean?

At Fresh Loan, we’re all about helping responsible adults get through their short-term financial challenges. Even if you have bad credit and have been refused a loan elsewhere, we’re here to help you with a short-term loan to get you through.

We’ve made that our mission from the start of Fresh Loan, focusing on building a reputable and fast service that connects adults with the lenders and loans they need right now.

We’re committed to helping adults with a real need for short-term loans. We know life can throw unexpected things at us – and we know that even if you have bad credit, you can still have a legitimate need for a short-term loan.
Why might I need a Fresh Loan short-term loan?
Life isn’t always easy to plan, and it’s our belief at Fresh Loan that any adult should have access to a short-term loan when they have a genuine need for one. If you have an unexpected bill and it’s still a few weeks until your next payday, we want you to know you can come right to Fresh Loan to get the money you need to get by.

Whether your car has broken down or you have a sudden trip to finance, we know that even adults with bad credit scores still need short-term injections of money sometimes. And we support those people.

Fresh Loan is your short-term backup
We want you to know that we’re here for you whenever your money situation takes a turn for the worse. Whatever your credit score, we’re available 24/7 to help you secure the finances you need to restore stability to your wallet and life.

A short-term loan can be a decisive thing in your life, helping you to save money by catching an expense quickly before it develops into something that costs you even more money, whether that be through late fees or a broken car or house deteriorating further over time.

Can I get my short-term loan money on the same day?
A lot of times, the answer is yes. We’ve set up our short-term loan system to be all-online and as quick as possible. Ultimately, though, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get your money on the same day. This is because as short-term loan brokers, Fresh Loan passes your loan request on to one of the lenders we work with. This means the final say – and the speed of part of the process – lies with them.

We can promise that we’ll do everything we can to push for a same-day result for you, and it often does happen. Even if you don’t get it the same day, though, we guarantee it’ll be fast!

More about our promise to you
Fresh Loan takes its commitment to adults with a genuine need for short-term loans very seriously.
We promise to be
Friendly, honest and supportive in helping you get your mone
Fast and transparent throughout every step of your loan request
As quick as possible in securing you your loan and money
Clear about all your fees and repayments
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